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Jonathan M Clark

Liberty-loving, conscientious, intelligent and capable individual with a relentlessly positive outlook for the future.

I am a process developer who loves to build things. I excel in fast-paced, dynamic environments that involve strategy and contingency management. My academic background is in chemistry, but I work in the parachute technologies field and in the indoor skydiving world where I have experience in industrial manufacturing, running projects, daily operations management, front-line customer interactions, and countless other miscellaneous tasks. Recently, I've taken a greater interest in web design, coding, and programming. I also enjoy civil, rational debate on complex issues affecting the world today.

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Airplane Pilot

I love to fly!

The freedom of the skies, the magnificent views, the intellectual challenge, the community and the 'americana' of it all drew me into the world of aviation. My aim is to have fun, keep flying and be continually learning.

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VFR Chart - Valid to 3 Dec 2020 VFR Chart - Valid to 3 Dec 2020
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I know a bit of HTML and CSS. I am starting to dabble in PHP and SQL. I have strong skills with Microsoft Excel and Publisher. I provided tech support to the Puget Sound Section of the American Chemical Society for many years, managing and developing website content. I also have photography and graphic design capabilities.

See the CodingNew Tab page and my PortfolioNew Tab for examples of my work.

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Math and Chemistry

I earned a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry from Western Washington University. I found my studies there to be both captivating and enriching. I am casually pursuing a study of mathematics and chemical engineering on my own.

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