I'm looking for work. I want to find a engineering-driven company; one that values excellence, quality, attention-to-detail, and professional integrity above quarterly profits.

I seek a culture where the executive leadership operates in physical proximity to the factory floor, understands the technology, speaks the jargon, and champions the skill growth of the workforce.

I intend to work hard, build my career, and develop deep technical competence. If you want resiliant dedication, superb talent, and my charismatic personality, contact me today!

Have a great day!

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Data Science

I thrive on discovering insights and communicating information to drive better real-world decisions. I know my way around Python, SQL, PHP/HTML/CSS, JupyterLabs, and, of course, Microsoft Excel. I love applied mathematics. Check out my Data Science Capstone Project for an example of my work.

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Fresh air, exploration, fun, and friendships.
What's not to love about two wheeled adventures?

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I love flying airplanes! The freedom of the skies, the magnificent views, the intellectual challenge, the learning, the growth, the fun, the community, and the 'Americana' of it all drew me into the world of aviation.

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Clark Data Science

I offer freelance Data Infrastructure Services for scientific labs, engineering groups, individuals and small businesses.

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