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Jonathan M Clark

Def.; a positive, upbeat, conscientious, intelligent and capable person.

I am a process developer. My academic background is in chemistry, but I work in the parachute technology and entertainment industries where I have experience in manufacturing, running projects, daily operations management and front-line customer interactions. Recently, I've taken a greater interest in web design, coding, programming, advanced mathematics, algorithms, complex systems analysis and process automation technologies.

I love working on and leading teams of people in fast-paced, dynamic environments that involve strategy, contingency management and the building of things [physical objects, abstract information systems, communication channels, processes, gold-star worthy reputations, etc.]. I also enjoy civil, rational debate on complex issues affecting the world today.

Learn more about me on the 'About Me' page, through a collection of my work in my portfolio and on my LinkedIn & Facebook profiles!

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I'm a Pilot

I love flying adventures!

A few years ago I started flying airplanes. It's been great fun!

I aim to have fun and eventually to get certified as a commercial pilot.

See some of my flying adventures here!New Tab

VFR Chart - Valid to 3 Dec 2020 VFR Chart - Valid to 3 Dec 2020
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Web Design and Information Technology

Coding, Programming, Graphics & Photography

I design mobile-friendly websites and have photography and graphic design capabilities. I'm familiar with HTML and CSS. I have only just started learning Java and Python. I am also highly capable with Microsoft Excel and Publisher.

See the Web Design pageNew Tab and my PortfolioNew Tab for examples.

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Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Mathematics

Chemistry is fascinating!

I earned a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry from Western Washington University. I found my studies there to be both captivating and enriching. I am casually pursuing a study of chemical engineering and mathematics on my own.

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